'Astronomicum Caesareum'

34cm x 34cm, concrete, plaster, paper, chrome, aluminum, felt and plastic, 2015


5m x 2m, mixed media collage (paper, plastic bags, tape, duct tape, stickers, cardboard, etc.) stretched and hung on the wall by rubber bands and chopsticks, 2015


31cm x 40.5cm, resin, latex, copper wire, shellac, spray paint, paper, 2014

'So Much In You'

16cm x 51cm, mixed media (concrete, straw, shellac, superglue, clay, paint, ink, marker) on wood panel, 2014

'Drive In'

28cm x 28cm, paint, shellac, marker on wood panel and clay, 2014

'Second Life'

120cm x 120cm x 120cm, aluminium rods, styrofoam, latex, copper wire, tape, glass, tiles, felt, plastic bottle, fabric, household paint, 2014


150cm x 74cm x 85cm, mixed media (paper, tiles, plaster, concrete, glass, foam, latex, plastic and magnets) on concrete slabs and cinder blocks, and 220cm x 95cm, pigmented latex sheet, 2014

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