'How do you expand on anything's possible? We know how'

500cm x 200cm, mixed media installation (paper, resin, glass, beeswax, wax, sponge, rock, rubber, steel, magnets, marble, yarn, pine cone, fur, apple, etc.) with nails, on a pencil-drawn grid, 2016

A field of equidistant nails on the wall provides an armature for constructive athletics. The make-up of the grid, i.e., the nails, at once creates an opportunity and a hurdle. Its bureaucratic system is subverted by playful actions that transgress the austerity of its blueprint.

The structure that permeates the architecture of the space functions as a register and an archive. It allows for the transfer of content accumulated over time from a horizontal plane (e.g., a table top or a shelf) to a vertical one. Through this migration the objects are reconfigured to suggest a new order of things. Their resistance to gravity is amplified when placed in the grid and suspended on the wall on nails or by rubber bands. This radical shift in their relationship to space elevates their significance as they no longer seem static or passive.

The grid as an invention concerns the placement and displacement of forms and ideas, their temporal existence as propositions, and the transient and nomadic nature of their existence as loosely attached to the world at large. Tension between opposite forces generated within the grid activates the work, which then becomes an idea of life. With How Do You Expand On Anything’s Possible? We Know How I discover a new way. Ripe with potential, this new structure becomes my favorite frontier, and I become the explorer I have always wanted to be.


190cm x 95cm x 40cm, mixed media installation (paper cups, concrete, wax, glass, magnets, steel, yarn, paper, wood, glass, latex, and paint) on modular steel tables

In Homecoming, a combination of objects, both transformed and found, are laid out on a constellation of steel tables that fit together to form one large surface. Paper coffee cups accumulated over time are cut like flowers, indecorously dipped in concrete, and then placed on the tables. They are the building blocks of a landscape. Other objects create scale shifts that activate the piece by forcing the viewer to consider unlikely relationships. Homecoming is the culmination of many long walks from home to the studio. It is the aftermath of an endless longing for the loved one worth all the flowers that bloomed, and the precursor to a reality that beings to weigh in.

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